Tuesday, September 8, 2009

19 million TV's

I just read an interesting piece that said Americans will buy over 19 million televisions next year. Let me qualify that, 19 million 40" or larger televisions! Wow, I'm behind the times. My 25" TV is feeling pretty inadequate right now.

On a somewhat more serious note, being who I am, I thought about all those old TVs that may be destined for the basement, garage or recycling center. Remember, TVs can't go in the trash, but they can be recycled for free at the Hennepin County Recycling Center in Brooklyn Park.

I also thought about the power that those big boys suck from the outlet and so did the EPA, at least a little. Have you ever heard of Energy Star? If not, check it out (http://www.energystar.gov/tvspec ) Starting May 2010 large TVs that want the Energy Star label have new energy standards where they will have to use 50% less energy than old TVs.

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